Humanity’s Sacred Light

I have been spending a great deal of time in gratitude and light for friends and family. I am learning that instead of seeing them in need and me somehow sending something to them which they lack, I see them in their glory, inner strength and innate wisdom. The sacred wholeness in them shines and touches the same sacred wholeness within me. I often feel like we are enfolded together in an affirmation of life.

As I went into my shamanic journey this morning, my helping spirits pointed out that I am not treating the Being of Humanity with the same honor, respect and faith that I extend to my friends. I have been thinking of and writing about the Being of Humanity as a fevered and fearful child. I have been feeding the inner assumption that the unity of humanity and creation is broken. I have been arrogant in taking the “caring mother” view and working from the illusion that there is something wrong with my species and with the flow of planetary shifts and changes.

My guides in the unseen world invited me to hold the Being of Humanity with respect and honor, unconditional love and light. From this perspective what we are currently experiencing is the newest step in our human evolutionary process. Our species carries within it all we need for this transformation, even as it carried the potential to walk on two legs, and to learn how to use fire. We have been working our way toward this growth crisis for hundreds if not thousands of years. Every living being who has shared in the life of this planet has played a part in creating what is unfolding now.

We have finally come to the place where we cannot be fooled into thinking that the micro shifts and adjustments of our intellect will allow us to regain control and dominance of a failing mechanistic world view. Our illusions are being shattered and our thought patterns are being rewritten. The pressure is building to provide the needed energy to propel us from this cliff into a new understanding of our place within creation.

Humanity is not alone in all of this. We are part of the interwoven unity of the Web of Life. All of the beings of nature and the elements of which we are all formed are with us as we move through these shifts and changes. I am grateful for every living being who is on the Earth right now, and I greet all that is coming into form every day. Each one of us carries our own unique gifts and energy to contribute to this Web of Life as we are lifted and carried along our path.

It all comes back to the words from Paul McCartney’s song, Blackbird, “All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.” That is the light in which I hold all of us today. And as I do, I feel the light of our sacred being shining bright.

Let the Energy Dance You

“Dance, sing, move, drum and let joy bubble within you.” This is the message I have been receiving in my recent journeys into the unseen world. I am led to a field where there is a celebration gathering around a bonfire and all are exuberant in their welcome of the flow of life they feel. There are waves of love, light, wisdom and transformative energy sprinkling down like gentle rain, pouring out like a waterfall and drifting gently down all around us like fluffy snow flakes.

When I try to move into this sacred circle with my fears or agendas about healing the world, I am invited to step into the bonfire and let all of that burn away. It is my inner being of light that can join in here. This is a place to express my essential nature and to remember that billions of people around the world are doing the same thing every day through their own rituals and sacred devotions.

This morning, I was greeted by four-legged animal emissaries. There were large wild cats and bears, deer and gazelle, rabbit and lizard all moving around the fire dancing. I was invited to join them and was soon in elephant form to experience the movement of energy through that amazing structure.

I was told that the energies of the universe are familiar to all of the living beings of this world and that the animals in all their forms dance with them. “Humans think that this is all for them and that they need to figure out how to make use of it,” they said. “But we have danced to the energies for the blessing of Gaia from the moment we appeared within this Mother Being. There is no thinking, only experiencing. This is a physical sensations for us. More life energy floods us and celebrating is the way to feed it throughout the web of life and deep into the heart of our Mother.”

The circle continued to expand and I recognized that now there were winged ones and swimmers and all other forms of what we call “animal life” joining in. There was a powerful swirling of the energy that seemed to pull and gather all living beings into this dance of Life.

Near the end of the journey, this swirling energy began gathering human beings into this circle to join the animals, birds, fish, trees, mountains and all of the other forms of nature. We were all there together and the spiral was gathering more humans with every second. All were being swept up in this rush of vibrant energy to celebrate Gaia together and to feel the glory of our tangible forms.

We are not alone in these days that feel so dark and heavy. We are invited to learn from all of the nature beings around us how to sink from head to heart, and open to all of the grace pouring into us right now. It is not for us to think of how to put it to good use. Instead we are invited to find our place in this luscious flow of life and let it move us and pour gently on through us. In this way, we find our place within this pulsing, dancing web of life that nourishes and enlivens all of living beings on this wondrous planet.

Take time to sing, swirl, play, laugh, chant, pray, and delight in being you. Let the beings of nature lead you in your very own joyful dance of life.


Remain Moonlight

Bill and I have been working to stay clear of “news” from the outside world. But now and again one of us ventures out to a website that has seemed safe only to be plunged directly into the turmoil of our culture. Yesterday, Bill was checking ESPN for how the playoff games were going and there was a headline about the situation in the nation’s capitol. We each did enough checking to see that the situation was not nearly as bad as it might have been, and proceeded to make a few deeper commitments to our path.

This morning, I woke early and did a shamanic journey to seek wisdom from the Ancestors and Descendants in the unseen, timeless realms. It was a journey of deep support and calm.

First, I was shown that the Ancestors are constantly singing, dancing and doing ceremony for us in these critical times. They know that the Being of Humanity is in the midst of an initiation and transformation.

In many indigenous cultures a shaman is called or an individual moves to a new stage of their development through a deep crisis in their life. This is often a life-threatening illness or accident, or some other event that leads to the breaking apart of one’s ego structures to allow a new sacred self-understanding or deep soul purpose to emerge. Sandra Ingerman, one of my shamanic teachers in this tangible world, shares that when she was going through a particularly difficult crisis in her life she told one of her guides that she was not sure she was going to live through this. “If you thought you were going to live through it, it wouldn’t be an initiation,” was the response.

The Being of Humanity is going through this kind of spiritual, energetic, psychological, perceptual initiation. We feel it more keenly in the United States right now because of its visibility in our culture, but it is and has been happening for people all over the world. This fevered child (the Being of Humanity) will either die from this, or will wake to a new expression of sacred human being. Whatever your spiritual background and language, you probably feel this right now.

This is the message I received this morning:

Remain moonlight and starlight. Be the cooling, gentle light of the predawn sky or of the moon lightly veiled by clouds. Many will ignite penetrating beams and claim this gives them sight, but it only heats the body and deceives the mind.
Remain a gentle distant and consistent glow that is unchanged by the nearer landscape. There is no searchlight or laser beam that will cut through the illusions of the present fog of the human mind. It does not require penetrating insight to see a fearful and fevered soul.
Remain moonlight like the light of this morning’s moon at nine days past full. It will continue its constant cycle of emptying and then filling only to empty again because that is its nature in this planetary and cosmic dance. The light that it reflects and the shadow that moves across its surface do not shift its nature as ruler of water tides and expression of the continuing flow of change.
Remain true to your own nature. Your light and the light of all living beings are like the stars in the night sky. They are created of wisdom, love and faithfulness to your core purpose. They shine as reminders of these gifts upon a fevered and frightened humanity, and offer healing energy to all who welcome it.

When I had completed my journey, I went outside and stood under a dazzling cold clear morning sky. The moon shone gently and the stars of the Milky Way were visible as a shimmering ribbon of light in the background of the nearer constellations. Once again, I felt the sweep of Love, Light and Life of the Sacred Mystery.

Humanity is experiencing an initiation into a new way of being within the web of all life. We don’t yet know when or how that new way of being will be expressed. For now, as it unfolds, we are held in Sacred Love and the whole creation is singing songs of harmony and peace to our sleeping form.

May your inner light and deepest soul shine for all the world to see.


Non-Independence and Circle Discernment

In my shamanic journey practice I move through portals into the Unseen World to seek the timeless and ego-less wisdom of that realm. The creatures, teachers and guides who I meet there are helping spirits, who each take on a form to aid me in our relationship. But I must never forget that they are also expressions of my innermost being, for all is one throughout time and space.

As I begin this new year, I am feeling the invitation to write as though each message is a love letter to our beloved Descendants. I’m not quite sure what that means, but part of it is that I write from my “right mind.” All that I write from clarity and compassion, tenderness and connection will ripple into the future as grace and peace. It does not matter if anyone ever reads these words. That they take tangible form on this computer as I type is enough. They set up the resonance around which something will coalesce in whatever way it is intended to, for whatever generation it may serve.

So, here it goes.

I was part of the our local drumming circle last night we were invited to set our intention to journey to our Beloved Descendants. For me, this is not a tangible linage, but those yet to be born who are somehow touched by my life and how I live it.

In the journey, I went through a particular portal which I sense here on our property. I move through it when I want to be in the company of the Helping Ancestors and Beloved Descendants as archetypal wisdom keepers.

At first, I was uncertain if I had even made it through the veil between Seen and Unseen worlds. It is tricky for me, when I do a Middle World journey in a landscape where I walk every day, to know if I have made that transition. For a while, the images of those waiting there remained very vague, and I worried that the words coming into my mind were simply those I have been considering over the past week. It is easy to anticipate what the Ancestors and Descendants will say — or to know that they are always dropping in ideas as I contemplate new ways of perceiving the world.

I was told to drum for myself and to break away from following the beat of the circle leader. As I did that, there was a shift from “keeping track of the beat,” to letting its energy move me. I am finding that a more driving beat sometimes helps me break through my mulling mind and open to what is beyond.

Finally, near the end of the journey time, I received several words/phrases:

Non-duality, Non-independence, and Circle Discernment

Non-duality has been a strong theme for me for months now. I have been spending sacred time envisioning healing moonlight moving into and through the Being of Humanity to restore health and balance. In all of these journeys there is the theme that to see humankind in dualistic terms continues the disintegration and breaking apart of the unity of our culture, community and world. To see all of humanity through the eyes of compassion as the “Being of Humanity” which is suffering like a fevered child, sets my heart and mind in the right framework to be part of the healing and transformation of my species.

Non-independence resonated with our drumming circle leader. She knows it from Buddhist teaching as a way of speaking about the way in which all things are dependent on one another. She spoke of a non-independent arising that I will need to read more about.

This is not encouragement to become dependent or co-dependent in our relationships. This is a much deeper, element level truth. We are all made of the same basic elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water through the Sacred Mystery which gives us all life and form. We exchange these elements with all the tangible expressions of creation – soil, food, body, breath, flow of fluids, energy of life. In addition there is the Spirit or connection of individual life force energy with All Energy or Chi. We are not isolated, skin enclosed physical beings. Life and energy course through and among us, within a container of air, spirit, the vast diversity of the cosmos and timeless reality.

Circle Discernment seemed in part to be a way of checking my own mental patterns. If I sense that I am receiving a message from the Unseen, I need to listen and see if it is echoed in some way by others who are sharing in this spiritual journey practice. This may be my near circle, or it may be through synchronicity in something I read or hear in the coming days. Messages are not individual and the echoes are sent not to relieve me of my calling to share what I see, sense and experience, but to feel some ground coming up to meet my feet when I do.

I will end here for today. Wishing all a Light-filled, Love enriched New Year.
Peace along your path,

(I invite you as part of this circle, this community, to share your reflections and comments. If something I write resonates with you and leads to a “next image” within you, please consider sharing it in the comments section.)

Did You Feel The New Year Arrive?

I had not intended to stay up late to see out the old year. I had done my ceremonies to release all that will not serve me, my family and friends, humanity and all living beings in the year ahead. I had placed in the fire my list of regrets — experiences where I had not lived with integrity, compassion and honor. I had called back all of my projections and assumptions that might have diminished any person, creature or structure on this beautiful planet. All that work of preparing for the transition was complete. And then I looked for videos of how people were celebrating the New Year, and I was enchanted at humanities creativity and exuberance.

I watched the streaming of fireworks displays from around the world, presented by various world news services. It began in Auckland, New Zealand with fireworks leaping from its Sky Tower for over 5 minutes, creating the effect of an Olympic torch flaming one bright color and then the next. When it shifted to Sydney Harbor in Australia I was flooded with the joy and playful exhilaration I have often missed during this past year. The combination of music and the play of lights, fireworks and colors was amazing. There were light displays and fireworks from the top and sides of the bridge, with more fireworks and sparklers from all over the area meeting in the sky. The feeling was of generosity, exuberance, lavish inclusion… It was a marvelous flood of energies that swept through me. In place of the tight and restricted feeling I have felt in waves this past year, there was an exhibitionist freedom of just putting color and light out there for all to see. There was a throwing off of shackles, and an invitation to creativity and generosity of spirit.

I do not know what form of technology was used to create the display up the side of a building in Dubai, but it was flowing magic. It celebrated nature with butterflies and flowers as well as creating inviting and nurturing patterns of all kinds. The fireworks which shot out from the sides were all part of a choreographed dance of color and light that seemed to sweep through my being to cleanse, clear and enliven every cell of my body. Such creativity and lavish expression of joy is a rare gift in a world which has at times seemed so closed down in dread, fear and scarcity.

It was, however, the display with drones and fireworks over London, presented by the BBC, which left me sobbing. The clear message of gratitude for the National Health Service, and for the way people had come together to face the pandemic. Their expression of “One voice, one message: Black Lives Matter,” felt clean and clear, without any question of this being true. The fireworks over the Tower Bridge were also beautiful and full of life. Their final message was a call to change and to work together to turn things around in the year ahead to enhance life on this planet for all its inhabitants.

I know that some of the displays I watched over that hour may have been computer simulations, but even there the creativity remains. Maybe it is just my willingness to welcome all signs of new energy, light and color flooding in as we turn our calendar to a new year.

Your experience of the new year may be entirely different from mine. We each view the world through our own internal filters and find unique messages that pertain to our own lives in the moment. For me, it was a wild and wonderful invitation into the new year. It is no small matter to shift my perception from small, limited and restrained to empowered, generous and free to give all that I am here to share.

May your new year be filled with all the power of your soul, and all of the love of the Sacred Mystery which enlivens us all.

Joy and Peace along your Path,


Healing From Within

I often envision my work for the healing of the Being of Humanity as one standing outside of it and radiating love towards it. Sometimes I invite that light to be moonlight or starlight that moves through me to shine gently on this form that I see outlined by the sacred mountains of the world.

Over the past few weeks, my shamanic journeys have shifted this perception. They have reminded me that I am a part of humankind and receiving as well as radiating the light of the sacred. They introduced me to a deeper sense of how interconnected we all are and how our wholeness is enhanced by all of us.

In a recent journey, I was standing near the Being of Humanity, being the gentle cool light of the moon. One of my guides told me, “You are part of a cell within this creature and you belong within it.” Stepping forward, I was drawn into a position within the forearm. Nestled in among all of the elements, energies and interwoven network of life, I could feel moonlight emanating from deep within me. It was also pulsing through this entire being from every other expression here. In the same way that cells of the human body communicate with one another, we were all feeling the vibration of joy, wholeness and harmony that rippled among us.

We were also enfolded in the love and nurture of Nature, of Gaia, of the One Life Force. The Being of Humanity was held in a gentle embrace by all within the web of life. My healing and wholeness flow as an expression of the sacred source, through all of life, including my individual life. As I live balance and harmony, I enter the flow of healing throughout this Being of Humanity.

“There are billions of you who are experiencing this breathing of grace and love,” I was told. “Each of you is filling with light and love that twinkles back toward the stars like they shine down on you from the sky.”

The next morning, I went out under the predawn half-moon. As I gazed at the field of winter-dried grass, I was flooded with joy. There before me was a dancing carpet of glistening frost crystals. Every blade of grass was twinkling with light, mirroring the sparkle of the stars and moon above us. “I am not alone in this. Those who love, and fill the world with joy and light are everywhere,” it came to me. “Each one is a tiny outpouring of the love of the Sacred Mystery in tangible form. Each one lives with wholeness and harmony, filled with Sacred Light uniting the whole.”

We are each sacred expressions of the light and life of the cosmos. Each one of us, in our being, is here with purpose and meaning for this specific time in history. Being fully the soul we are designed to be is the greatest gift we can give in the transformation and healing of the Being of Humanity and of the web of life.

Drink in the love, wisdom and light of the stars. Let it fill every cell of your body. Let it ease your pain and heal your tension and struggle. Let it open the flow of energy through your body to bring you joyful health and strength. Then enjoy simply enjoy moving through your day feeling this connection with all that is.

Peace and Joy,

Moonlight as Healing Light


While I began enjoying the night sky during our winter in the Arizona desert lands, it is only since we settled here near Mount Shasta that I have been following the gentle emptying and filling of the Moon each month. The broad view of the sky and the strong invitations to look at the night sky have been deepening my relationship with her phases and flow.

I recently received the image of the Being of Humanity as a human child form, supported by the sacred mountains of the world. I was told that Humanity suffers from a fever, fueled by a distortion in the function of fear within our species. (see my recent post The Healing of Humanity – First Images). This has led to doing transfiguration work (focusing my mind on my inner being of light and inviting it to shine outward in unconditional love and light.) In the past, I have used the image of starlight within my core, but I decided to journey to Moon to see if she would teach me how to use her light as part of my healing work.
Messages from Moon:

My colors are the aquamarine on the quiet ocean and the subtle indigo of the clear night sky. These both are cool colors, soothing colors.
My light is not penetrating like sun or starlight. It is not meant to push through the barrier of darkness, but to hint at the outlines of the land and other creature forms. It does not heat and energize the tissues of the human body but caresses them, almost too subtle for tactile perception. It is a light that must be reached for by the eye, mind and being. It is an invitation, a gentle kiss on the forehead.
In my first quarter phase, my light is most clear. As I approach full, it is muted by the glory of reflected sunlight and overpowers the stars. Last quarter through first, I invite the warmer light of sun and stars to outshine me. It is a dance and flow that allows an ebb and flow both to sight and to skin.
You are tending a fevered child being (Humanity.) It already has plenty of heat and the excited energy of the sun. Yet you do not want to leave it scared in the darkness that folds around it. There it is vulnerable to nightmares and monsters.
During the day, many are sending vibrant healing energy to the Being of Humanity. During the night, bathe this young one in the gentle aquamarine and indigo night-sky blue. As it relaxes to sleep, enfold it with a loving, gentle touch. Let moonlight be its blanket and your lap be its pillow. Tenderness, quiet presence and faith in its ability to heal will be your gifts. Many are willing to seek to dispel the stagnant energy of its body and pull in cleansing light. But few are holding this creature in love and singing lullabies to it as it sleeps. Sleep is an amazing healing force. Much happens in the depths of the night to release what no longer gives health and to allow a slow gentle absorption of grace.

I have begun to integrate this wisdom by setting the intention to be filled by the cool aquamarine or indigo light of the Moon. Over time the color grows more vivid in my imagination. In its calm glow I let my being fill with love for all of us as creatures who live under the same Moon.

This also supports me in letting go of assumptions and projections that lead to the illusion of separateness and duality. When I focus on moonlight, it invites me to remain within my own skin and to listen to my core integrity. It is here that I find the truth of being interwoven with all of life by the Sacred Mystery which moves in, through and among us.

As you gaze at the Moon, allows its gift of cool, calm, healing light fill and sooth you.

The Healing of Humanity First Images

On Monday, November 2, I woke knowing that I needed to do a healing ceremony for Humanity using the element of earth. I was to take soil from our land up onto Mount Shasta and to ask permission to bring soil from the mountain back down here. I did not have any clear idea of how this would unfold, so I contacted two members of my shamanic drumming group and asked for their “at a distance” support for this ceremony.

I knew that the soil would come from my altar ground – the circle where I do QiGong and my shamanic drumming/ceremony work. I filled a small glass jar with soil and added a sprig of sage. I placed the jar in the center of the altar and set the intention to do an earth ceremony for the healing of Humanity (I use this term for the unified physical, psychological, spiritual, energetic, intellectual being of all humankind). As I began to drum and sing, I was reminded of all the prayers my QiGong practice and ceremonies add to this soil. This would carry that blessing to the mountain.

I drove up Mount Shasta, reaching Bunny Flat at 11:00 am. I followed my intuition and found a spot off of the Old Snow Bowl Trail where I felt the sacred energy of the ceremonies done by the people of this land throughout the ages.

The record of my shamanic journey:

I was shown a gathering of the sacred mountains of the world. Mount Shasta remained at my back, and the others gathered to form the outline of a massive human body – that of the Being of Humanity. The head was resting in Gaia’s lap, with the neck supported by Mount Shasta, and the curves of the body supported by other great sacred mountains.
“This child is burning with fever and we are all here to being healing,” Gaia said as She held one hand on the forehead and the other at the base of the neck. “Fear is one source of this fever. Thousands of years ago this distortion of fear began to form and it is now very dangerous for this precious child. There are harmful thought paths and they are leading to contortions within the body as it tightens and grips. Here at the head, we work on the rewriting of the synaptic codes to help the brain release illusions and let go of the distorted image that the world is a threatening place.”
As I looked up and saw the sky filled with stars, Gaia told me, “Those are the beings of light from throughout time who join in this healing. This work stretches through dimensions and times and beyond all dimension and time.” I felt very reassured by this and understood that while the disease of Humanity seems overwhelming, the energy of light and healing in the unseen world is glorious.
My attention was draw down the body of Humanity. At the heart there were beings singing love into it. At the solar plexus the songs were of joy, and there were bubbles and laughter mixed in. At the root area, there was an amazing overtone song with the close harmonies of the best a cappella singing groups. This I was told is to return the basic harmony to the Being of Humanity.
I spent time as a witness to all that was going on and let my light shine on this sleeping child’s form. I understood that the various places on the body were each receiving the love and energy they need. There was a tenderness in the mountains and in the singers and in the stars. This creature is deeply loved by all. There was a feeling that they can not make it recover, but that each will do all in their power to nourish and nurture it so it has the best possible chance to be restored to wholeness and balance.

In all of this, I felt the focus of my work verified. While there are many who are called to work for the healing of individual people and creatures, I feel very connected with this work on the collective Being of Humanity.

When the journey was complete I headed back to the trail. Along the way I found the right place to offer the soil from the land where I live and to receive soil from the mountain. This seems to tie the energy of Mount Shasta into my altar space in a more vivid way.

Returning home at about 2:00, I completed the circle. I took the soil from Mount Shasta, and after some singing, poured it in a spiral pattern onto the altar ground. The word that came to mind was “Harmony.” I thanked the Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Elements and all the helping spirits in the seen and unseen who had been witnesses and guides for this amazing ceremony. I told them all how beautiful it was.

(In shamanic practice as I understand it, journeys and their messages are direct revelation to the person who receives them. What I share is metaphor and symbol, the language of the unseen mysterious world outside our ordinary tangible experience of life. The way I interpret this message is my own, and may or may not resonate as true for you. I invite you to seek the wisdom of the Sacred Mystery in your own way to support you as you move along your path.)

New Perspective on Humanity

I have covered a lot of physical, psychological and spiritual territory since I began this blog over two years ago. Now that we are settled on the property here in Mount Shasta, and our general circumstances are comfortable and balanced, it is time to deepen my work.

A few months ago, I signed off of social media and left news reports behind to focus on a course with Sandra Ingerman on “The Dark Night of the Soul as Portal to the Shaman’s Light.” The course was another step of becoming more Earth-centered. It opened a deeper relationship with Gaia (Earth/Nature), and with my personal path within shamanic practice.

On Nov. 1, just before the full moon set, I did a shamanic journey. My spiritual guides told me to shift my perspective on humankind in order to help bring healing to our species. Humankind is one organism – one physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, intellectual Being. As an individual human body can experience blocked energy flow, soul loss, toxic thought habits… so the being of humanity is plagued by these spiritual and psychological ailments. This loss of internal harmony leads to our lack of honor for our physical/elemental bodies and for the body of the Earth.

For years, I have worked with a helping ancestor who is reworking my thought habits and the neurological wiring that holds them in place. In this journey, she told me that the same work is being done for Humanity. Healing is not only for the individual cells (individual people) within this being, but for the entire being. As the intelligence and perception of the soul/spirit/body is carried in every cell of our physical form, the world views of the collective consciousness are being expressed in our individual lives. In the same way that systemic work on an individual brings healing to the whole body, healing can be offered to Humanity will bring transformation on an individual level.

For me this was a very hopeful message. I have been using a “hundredth monkey” image — as enough individuals wake up and move back into harmony with the Earth, humanity will be restored to right balance within the web of life. Now, I am called to work on the whole being level, with the support and guidance of my helping spirits. At the same time, I celebrate all of those aiding individuals in their personal renewal.

Over the weeks ahead, I will share additional images of Humanity. This allows my shamanic work to flow on two levels. First, I do my spiritual work of adding light and love for this living being during my journeys and ceremonies. Then, as I share these images, I hope to add an enriched view of humankind to our thinking.

When you think of an individual who is suffering through a difficult experience, it is easy to begin seeing them as “you poor thing, this is awful.” That thought actually carries an energy with it that diminishes them as an individual. Much better to hold them in love and light, calling to mind their inner beauty and strength to face whatever they are experiencing.

When we think of our species with anger, frustration, fear… we diminish the health of humankind as a whole. Much better to see the unity and wonder of this one interwoven being, and ourselves as the billions of cells within it, working together for the well-being of the whole.

As I do this work, I am reminded every day that we are part of an incredible web of life that extends through both space and time; including all living beings. In my spiritual practice, I am guided and given wisdom by beings of light who all want humanity to heal and thrive.

I invite you to join me as my path unfolds. I hope that you are finding your own ways to connect with the sacred mystery of life and feel Love and Light filling your days.

Peace along your path,

Transforming Diminishing Energies

Over the past few years, I have used a visualization to help me draw back the harmful energies that I have sent to others through my thoughts, words, deeds, perceptions and inactions. It is a process that allows me to acknowledge the emotions and reactions I have felt, and to reclaim them. It is a conscious choice to not impose them on others and to not add their diminishing and harmful energies to the human collective consciousness.

I use this practice on a regular basis as a way of cleaning up my impact on the human family. Sometimes I focus on one person and other times I consider a certain diminishing judgement as the focus. For example, I once asked to go back through my life to reclaim all the energy of pity or feeling sorry for others. Understanding that pity can be an incredibly heavy energy to carry when you are experiencing a major challenge in life, I didn’t want others carrying it any more. Instead, I invited it to return from the countless people and situations that I had sent it to over the years.

It is central to this practice to trust in the love, light and transforming power of the Sacred. I am not asking you to call back all of the anger, resentment, blame… and then try to find a way to transform it through your own mental or spiritual strength. This is not an exercise in self-punishment. Nor is it a time to make yourself wrong for the ways you naturally reacted to difficult situations throughout your life. The focus is freeing others from anything you have added to their lives that makes it more difficult for them to thrive and live the fulness of their inner power and beauty.

The work of transforming the energy as it returns is done by the Sacred Source. Before it enters your being, you ask that it be transformed back into love, light, and creativity. As it passes through you and back to the Earth it carries only blessing and nurture. It is energy that is available again for creativity, healing, transformation and life.

I hope this video offers a different way of facing all of the negative energy filling our collective experience of life in these days of transition. You can use this practice to call back the energies that you have sent out, or to transform the negativity that bombards you each day through media and the reactions of friends and family.

I truly wish you peace and joy along your path.