Spiritual Direction

Life Centered in Spiritual Reality

The ancient practice of Spiritual Direction helps us bring the sacred nature of life back into focus. It supports our journey inward to connect with the mysteries of our soul and the divine light at the core of our being. It brings us into relationship with the Sacred Source of all life, and orients us within the created world. It places spirituality at the center of our life where it can guide our thoughts and actions.

Spiritual Direction Along an Earth-Centered Path

There are many names used for the Sacred Source and many ways of describing how we as human beings are related to the Divine, the Creation and our own soul. The beliefs and religious symbol systems which can separate us from each other are mental frameworks. Deeper within, at the level of spirit, there is a Mystery beyond our comprehension, which can only be felt by our heart.  Whatever your spiritual background, I know that we can share this deeper journey together.

In Earth-centered spirituality all forms of life are honored as living beings with spirit and purpose.  Sharing the basic elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit, we are all equals within the Web of Life. We are all the result of the creative energy of the universe. We are all, at our core, brings of divine light, sheathed in a tangible form.

This path takes us into the deeper reality that lies outside our ordinary awareness of life. It opens us to timeless wisdom and to a direct revelation of the Sacred nature of All That Is. The natural world becomes our teacher. The perspective of the ancient ancestors and loving descendants opens us beyond our limited life-span vision.

Through the use of meditation, movement, music, vibration and connection with the natural world, we cross a threshold into unseen realities and have direct experience of the Sacred. Through these deep experiences, we find our place within the Web of Life, our connection with the Sacred Source, and the divine light within our being.

For my personal statement of devotion to living an Earth-Centered life, please read my Dedication of My Life post.

Offering Spiritual Direction

Beginning January, 2020, I will be offering one-on-one Spiritual Direction via phone or Facetime. Each session will be a 40-minute conversation focused on your connection with the sacred core of your life and what that brings to your daily living. My main role will be to listen and provide a compassionate space for your exploration. At times I will offer what arises from my own life journey and my own practice of Earth-centered living.

I offer Spiritual Direction at a rate of $30/session. We will begin with a session or two to see if this practice resonates with you as the next step in your spiritual journey. If you find that it does, we will establish a regular schedule and set a time frame for the first phase of our work together.

This is a gradual process of developing relationships with all living beings and the Sacred Source of us all. It is a transforming journey, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

If you are interested in learning more about Spiritual Direction, please contact me at earthcenterednancy@gmail.com.