I began this blog in September of 2018 by sharing the image of The Woman on the Mountain. She appeared in a shamanic journey and provided inspiration for me as a potential future self who understands her place in the mystery of life. As you read through the archives of articles, you will see the path that has led to my current way of being in the world.

Now in June 2022, the transformation of our personal and planetary lives is unfolding rapidly.  This is visible in the shifts and changes in our society and culture. It is also visible in a deeper evolutionary flow that is opening new ways of seeing, new ways of understanding and new ways of being within the web of life. I choose to focus as much as possible on this second more mystical level of our shared life.

My writing is nourished by a range of practices including: shamanic journeying; Tibetan Bön Chant; the inner work of the Dark Night of the Ego, and the physical flows of Qigong.

My shamanic journey practice uses the beat of the drum to help shift my brain patterns so it is easier to access a non-ordinary perspective. Working with helping spirits and teachers from the unseen world, I receive images, messages and stories that offer timeless wisdom. Through my writing, I bring back what I receive in these journeys to share with others. Since the journeys speak in metaphor, whatever meaning they carry is unique for each person who hears them.

The Bön Chant is a meditation and vibration practice that opens new perspective on my place as a human being within the web of life. Each tone carries a meaning: spaciousness, light, compassion, joy and creativity in the service of all. As I sing the various tones, I begin with words and images, and gradually move deeper into feeling these qualities in my body, mind and soul.

The Dark Night of the Ego is a term used by Robert Ohotto to describe the personal transformation process we enter when our current ways of responding the the challenges of life will not serve us in the next step of our personal evolution. The ways we have managed our need for safety, security, esteem and survival break down, inviting old identities to yield and new self-understanding to emerge.

Qigong teacher Lee Holden is the guide for my daily energy practice. Qigong uses flowing movements which express the elements of nature and the endless flow of energy that moves through our body and throughout the cosmos. The breathing and movement also bring to my mind phrases of gratitude and connection from my other spiritual practices.

I am excited and hopeful about our current evolutionary transformation. Many of us have forgotten our place within the web of life, and instead hold ourselves separate and superior to all other expressions of life. Now, we are discovering that we are the same as every other collection of energy, molecules, and emptiness that we see in the objects and living creatures around us. Resting in the never-ending flow of light, love, and harmony, we are starting to remember our joyful unity with all that is.

I hope that you will join me in this journey of discovery. I welcome your comments and ideas.  We are here to nourish and empower one another to help our joy, peace and love grow for the benefit of all.

Peace, Joy and Love,