Stories My Drum Told Me

In these days of transition and transformation, many of us are focusing on the world we want for our grandchildren. For me, it is a life of freedom, joy and harmony within the human family and throughout the web of life.

Drawing from my shamanic journey practice, and my use of the Bön Chant, I weave my stories with images, wisdom and grace from the unseen and timeless world. Many times I feel that I am receiving support, love and guidance from my helping Ancestors and beloved Descendants. These stories are my gift back to them. I envision them being told by a storyteller as, “Stories that My Drum Told Me.”

Eventually, these stories with be gathered into a book.

Earth Breathing at the Beginning of the Day

Fluid By Nature

Reclaiming Energy That Harms

Tending the Being of Humanity

Canyon Lands Healing Ceremony