For Those Who See the World Differently

For all who feel out of sync with the world around you; all who view life from a slightly different angle, I have created Living a Sacred Integrated Life  Welcome to this new community!

This new website offers my soul’s expression of the gifts, insights, wisdom and practices you have seen grow within me through the years here on Earth Centered Living after 60. I invite you to integrate the physical, spiritual, energetic, emotional, imaginative and mental aspects of you life. From this inner wholeness, the unique expression of your soul in the world connects you to your place within the Web of Life.

On Living a Sacred Integrated Life, I will continue to offer regular posts with image, practices and new perspectives to support your journey. In addition I describe my professional work in Working Together and give some personal background in About Me.

I hope you will visit the new site soon and become a follower there.

Circles, Flowers and Spirals

Over the past few weeks, I have been drawing circles, The Seed of Life, The Flower of Life and the Fibonacci Spiral as a way to explore new ways of seeing the world. These designs are used to describe the unfolding of creation and the patterns which are endlessly repeated in the natural world. They come together as an invitation to consider the limitless possibilities available as we experience life flowing, forming connections, expanding and converging in every moment.


I use drawing and other forms of creative work to help teach my mind new ways of thinking about life. They help me move beyond linear and dualistic frameworks, which separate and divide, to flows that connect and interweave. I love the Flower of Life as it takes circles of equal size, places them in an even an configuration, and creates beauty and balance.  


My Beginning Point

As I invite people into an exploration of how to live from a deeper reality, it is best to share my own basic beliefs and perspective. In this video I describe my beginning point in connection with the Sacred Source and the each living soul as an expression of this source.

There is great need for both personal and planetary transformation, and I trust that the first lends its energy to the second. Every time an individual takes a step forward in honoring their own soul and the divine nature of all of life, they nourish the collective spirit of humankind.

I will continue this series of blogs describing my experience of the deeper reality of life and inviting you to join me in living from this empowered perspective.

For more information on my upcoming class “Living from a Deeper Reality,” please use the highlighted name as a link, or contact me. (Please note: The time of these class sessions has been changed to 10:00 – 11:30am PST on Wednesdays to make it available to people in other parts of the world.)

Living From the Deeper Reality

We can no longer live as though the tangible world around us and the conditioned chatter in our minds are all there is to life. We must shift our perception from the surface of chaos and disintegration, to the deeper reality that we are participants in an amazing evolutionary transformation for humankind.

I invite you to a new vantage point; a connection with your soul’s deepest expression and the energy of life that flows in, around and through us all. I draw on a range of symbol systems and forms of spiritual practice to help you experience your life within the broader Reality of Life. This Reality encompasses all living beings and reveals the energy flows, vibrations, and sacred unity which weave us together as one.

If reading these words triggers your curiosity, an intuitive “yes,” and a deep agreement that there is more in life; I invite you to join my upcoming 6-week exploration via Zoom, “Living From the Deeper Reality.” 

10:00 – 11:30 am PST

(Please note: Time of sessions has changed)

What do you feel right now as you move through your daily life and experience the events of the world around you? Do you sense wisdom and grace flowing through this incredible time of personal and planetary transformation? Can you see the interwoven nature of all of life, with each of us a unique expression of the Sacred?

In this class, I will offer some of the practices, symbols, images and energies that feed my connection with this deeper reality. We will share what helps us return to the center of our soul when we are pulled off balance. Each session will include visualization, prayer, movement or chant to feed the Being of Humanity and the unity of all of life. Together we can experience the spiritual alchemy of creating a renewed vision and trust to live from this deeper reality of life.

Resources will include: Working with life force energy of Chi; Chant to experience spaciousness, light and loving kindness; Breathing and Qi Gong to embody our awareness; Guided meditation and more …

Come join us!

Cost: $150.00 per person

CONTACT ME to sign up and to receive a PayPal invoice 

or request physical address to send a check.

Limited to 8 people

Moving Forward

In my latest video blog, I share how I brought my spiritual perspectives and intuitive practices to the practical and complex task of moving. We are now settled in our new home in southern Arizona and feel very much at home surrounded by the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

This new environment has welcomed us with beauty and inspiration, with glorious sunsets, open desert landscapes and sunshiny days. In this environment, my work is blossoming and taking on solid form in more video blogs and as a 6-week small group exploration of “Living What Is Real.”



2:00 – 3:30 PST

Our group will explore the Reality of Life as an interwoven web of energy flowing within, around and through daily life. This Reality connects us with the life force of our soul; the movement of energy within our bodies, and interwoven nature of All that Is.

Each session I will present an aspect of this broader life perspective, and an experience to help you embody it. After a week of practice, we will gather again to share our experiences, discuss our personal evolutionary paths and share to the next packet of material.

Our materials will include: simple QiGong breathing, guided meditation, Bön chant, honoring the soul, and working with intuitive inner guidance.

Cost: $150.00 per person
Contact Me to sign up and to receive a PayPal invoice
or request physical address to send a check.

Limited to 8 people

What Can I Do?

This Spring Equinox, I met with my Drumming Circle group to do shamanic journey work to the sound of the drum. It is always a powerful experience when we join together to seek wisdom from the Unseen World. Today, it rocked me back.

I journeyed on the question, “What can I do in response to current world events?”

Answer:  Extend you practice of Ho’oponopono, (of seeking forgiveness, taking full responsibility for your projections and illusions, and giving forgiveness) to the People of Japan and to the experience of the dropping of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The current world situation offers the opportunity to bring this dreadful wounding of the psyche of my country and of the Being of Humanity into the light and grace. It opens the way to healing the divisions we see among us, so we can return to the truth that all Humanity is one life.

Reclaiming Vital Life Energy

Two insights came this week that are helping me work with my own personal vital life energy in a new way.

I have often felt the flow of Universal Life Force energy moving in, around and through my body. What I had not recognized is that we each hold within us a reservoir of vital life energy which is our own to help keep this body, mind and soul healthy and balanced. I am seeing how to take responsibility for this energy and how to reclaim and reintegrate it when I have squandered it on the projections, assumptions and judgements that I send out into the world.

Appreciating this beautiful gift of life-enhancing energy, we each can find how it can fuel the life of our soul and the well being of our body.


New Challenges / New Reactions

We all face challenges in our lives when what ends up happening suddenly diverges from what we planned. Each time we face an unexpected shift, we get to see what thought patterns and assumptions automatically kick in to manage our sense of safety and well-being.

Bill and I hit this process at full speed this week. Without doing either of us humans harm, the motor home that we were preparing to sell decided to leave our lived in a different and more dramatic way. Our reactions were new and surprising, reflecting the benefits of the inner work we have been doing as part of preparing for the move.

My Relationship with the Cabin

This week, as I was working on the cabin, I experienced a change in our relationship. Instead of thinking of it as a “thing” to meet my expectations, I found it a partner and teacher.

This structure is made of the same elements as my body. We share in the experience of weathering the challenges of life and aging the best we can. As I recognize this, the cabin becomes a companion and teacher about honor and Sacred Reciprocity.


A Different Kind of Move

My husband and I are beginning the process of looking for our next home. This is not an unusual experience for the two of us. Throughout our married life we have moved every three to five years, often within the same community. They have been practical moves, determined by what our lives and work called for at the time.

This time is different.  Drawing from my work with the Unseen World, through shamanic journey and other practices, we are focusing envisioning what we want and need, and on clearing old thought forms that may get in our way.