Coming Home At 60

This Earth -Centered Life did not suddenly appear on my birthday. A number of strands have come together to form this new fabric of life. I want to explore each of them and watch as they add their strength and beauty to what is ahead. I will be writing about each of these areas, and how they dance with one another. I welcome you to join in the discovery.

In no particular order:

SPIRITUALITY — from Christianity, through Zen and into Earth focused Shamanic Journey and Healing. A commitment to live the rest of my life for the healing of the Earth and all Her children – working on the level of spiritual transformation.

LIVING APPROPRIATELY AS A HUMAN BEING IN THE WORLD:  From middle-class lifestyle, through simplicity and minimalism and toward a full-time RV life in closer communion with the land. Recognizing a home as shelter from storms and a place to sleep and that living is for the out of doors.

LIVING IN HARMONY WITH NATURE: Discovering more and more of the deep connection of all living beings as I spend more time in the natural world. Building my strength as a walker/hiker as well as a watcher and listener of the life around me.

LEAVING THE CULTURAL AND ECONOMIC SYSTEMS which are disintegrating. Focusing not on Fear, Success and Safety but on Harmony, Peace and Joy. Finding how well we can live on a very minimal income.

GOLDEN YEARS: Sixty as the age when wisdom blossoms and freedom to follow one’s heart begins. It is not too late for a transformed life.

TAKING THE JOURNEY TOGETHER:  My husband of nearly 30 years is my companion and partner in this adventure. We are each doing our own personal/spiritual preparation work for this transformation of our lives. We share the plans, fears, deep longings and insights that unfold to lead us one step at a time through our lives.