(I am leaving this as I wrote it in March of 2020, for much of it speaks as clearly to the beginning of 2021 as it did to the experiences of this past year. I am doing even more writing within the categories of “Shamanic Journey” and “Personal and Planetary Transformation” as I enter 2021 because this has become the focus of my personal journey and my contribution to the transformation now occurring in how we live as humans within nature.

I have not been writing short stories recently, and am not sure if I will return to that task. It seems more likely that my writing will move to integrating the wisdom and energy of the elements of nature as a means of bringing more harmony and balance within my own being and within the Being of Humanity.

I hope that you will join me in this exploration of a new perception of humankind and how we are woven into the web of all life.)

When I began this page, 20 months ago, my focus was on my own process of moving from a typical middle-class lifestyle to one focused on serving the Earth and all Her children. From that perspective, the first step was to shift my way of living by releasing much of what we owned, and moving into a full-time motor home life. Early blogs looked at the spiritual and practical process of creating the simple lifestyle that now offers me a new level of connection with the natural world.
I am grateful that we have had a year to move through the financial, psychological and physical challenges this transition created. We are now located on nearly three acres of land owned by Bill’s family, at the foot of Black Butte, near Mount Shasta, California. It is a beautiful, open, spacious place to be. In addition, it has allowed us to live within our modest means with comfort and calm.
When the pandemic began to sweep through California, we felt invited to move even more into a sense of retreat. My spiritual path of shamanism provides me with practices to touch into the unseen and timeless worlds beyond this tangible ordinary reality. Drawing wisdom, images and ceremonies from this broader connection to all of life, I am now writing more about those experiences.
My clearing vision is focused toward the world I want my grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren to experience – a Renewed Earth where humankind lives in harmony and balance with all living beings. Looking beyond what is disintegrating in our shared culture and consciousness, I am learning to deepen my relationship with the Earth and find my place within the web of all life.
I have created six new categories for blogs, and a separate page for my short stories. My most recent posts will be under these categories. I hope this will help you find what supports you in your own discoveries along this path of Earth-centered living.

SPIRITUALITY:  My spiritual path has led from Christianity, through Zen and now to Shamanic Journey. Earth-centered living includes ceremony and gratitude to all living beings and the wonderful planet which supports us all. I will share the images, ceremonies and wisdom that emerge as I connect with the unseen world.

PRACTICAL MATTERS:     From middle-class lifestyle, through simplicity and minimalism and into a full-time RV life in closer communion with the land. My home is now smaller and less insular so that I feel more of the natural rhythms of days, moon cycles and seasons.

HARMONY WITH NATURE:  Discovering more and more of the deep connection of all living beings as I spend more time in the natural world. Whether tending and learning from the plants and animal on our land, or enjoying walking and hiking in this beautiful region, the focus is on relationship.

PERSONAL AND PLANETARY TRANSFORMATION:  Transformation begin with how I view the world I live in. Breaking from the illusions offered by the dominant culture and turing toward freedom, simplicity and joy is an important aspect of my life. My focus is drawn by what I want the world to be for my grandchildren of seven generations from now.

GOLDEN YEARS:  Sixty is the age when wisdom blossoms and freedom to follow one’s heart begins. It is not too late for a transformed life. Retirement can allow for the transition within us to discovering who we have always been, and the wisdom we have to share.

TAKING THE JOURNEY TOGETHER:  My husband of 30 years is my companion and partner in this adventure. We are each experiencing our own personal/spiritual transformation in our lives. We share together the unfolding of this life, as we each follow our own deep connection with the mystery of Life.

STORIES FOR MY GREAT GRANDCHILDREN:This separate page holds the stories I am creating. They are written in a fantasy/legend style to allow our imaginations to play with possible futures which are filled with light and love. Many of the images are drawn from my shamanic journey practice and I hope do honor to the wisdom and compassion available beyond our ordinary time/space reality.