We can no longer live as though the tangible world around us and the conditioned chatter in our minds are all there is to life. We must shift our perception from the surface of chaos and disintegration, to the deeper reality that we are participants in an amazing evolutionary transformation for humankind.

I invite you to a new vantage point; a connection with your soul’s deepest expression and the energy of life that flows in, around and through us all. I draw on a range of symbol systems and forms of spiritual practice to help you experience your life within the broader Reality of Life. This Reality encompasses all living beings and reveals the energy flows, vibrations, and sacred unity which weave us together as one.

If reading these words triggers your curiosity, an intuitive “yes,” and a deep agreement that there is more in life; I invite you to join my upcoming 6-week exploration via Zoom, “Living From the Deeper Reality.” 

2:00 – 3:30 PST via Zoom

What do you feel right now as you move through your daily life and experience the events of the world around you? Do you sense wisdom and grace flowing through this incredible time of personal and planetary transformation? Can you see the interwoven nature of all of life, with each of us a unique expression of the Sacred?

In this class, I will offer some of the practices, symbols, images and energies that feed my connection with this deeper reality. We will share what helps us return to the center of our soul when we are pulled off balance. Each session will include visualization, prayer, movement or chant to feed the Being of Humanity and the unity of all of life. Together we can experience the spiritual alchemy of creating a renewed vision and trust to live from this deeper reality of life.

Resources will include: Working with life force energy of Chi; Chant to experience spaciousness, light and loving kindness; Breathing and Qi Gong to embody our awareness; Guided meditation and more …

Come join us!

Cost: $150.00 per person

CONTACT ME to sign up and to receive a PayPal invoice 

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Limited to 8 people




I offer all the images, wisdom and insights I receive through my practices as my gift to the transformation of Humanity. May they support  all of us as we grow in pure love, joy and harmony, for the benefit of all.

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