For Those Who See the World Differently

For all who feel out of sync with the world around you; all who view life from a slightly different angle, I have created Living a Sacred Integrated Life  Welcome to this new community!

This new website offers my soul’s expression of the gifts, insights, wisdom and practices you have seen grow within me through the years here on Earth Centered Living after 60. I invite you to integrate the physical, spiritual, energetic, emotional, imaginative and mental aspects of you life. From this inner wholeness, the unique expression of your soul in the world connects you to your place within the Web of Life.

On Living a Sacred Integrated Life, I will continue to offer regular posts with image, practices and new perspectives to support your journey. In addition I describe my professional work in Working Together and give some personal background in About Me.

I hope you will visit the new site soon and become a follower there.

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