Transforming Diminishing Energies

Over the past few years, I have used a visualization to help me draw back the harmful energies that I have sent to others through my thoughts, words, deeds, perceptions and inactions. It is a process that allows me to acknowledge the emotions and reactions I have felt, and to reclaim them. It is a conscious choice to not impose them on others and to not add their diminishing and harmful energies to the human collective consciousness.

I use this practice on a regular basis as a way of cleaning up my impact on the human family. Sometimes I focus on one person and other times I consider a certain diminishing judgement as the focus. For example, I once asked to go back through my life to reclaim all the energy of pity or feeling sorry for others. Understanding that pity can be an incredibly heavy energy to carry when you are experiencing a major challenge in life, I didn’t want others carrying it any more. Instead, I invited it to return from the countless people and situations that I had sent it to over the years.

It is central to this practice to trust in the love, light and transforming power of the Sacred. I am not asking you to call back all of the anger, resentment, blame… and then try to find a way to transform it through your own mental or spiritual strength. This is not an exercise in self-punishment. Nor is it a time to make yourself wrong for the ways you naturally reacted to difficult situations throughout your life. The focus is freeing others from anything you have added to their lives that makes it more difficult for them to thrive and live the fulness of their inner power and beauty.

The work of transforming the energy as it returns is done by the Sacred Source. Before it enters your being, you ask that it be transformed back into love, light, and creativity. As it passes through you and back to the Earth it carries only blessing and nurture. It is energy that is available again for creativity, healing, transformation and life.

I hope this video offers a different way of facing all of the negative energy filling our collective experience of life in these days of transition. You can use this practice to call back the energies that you have sent out, or to transform the negativity that bombards you each day through media and the reactions of friends and family.

I truly wish you peace and joy along your path.

3 thoughts on “Transforming Diminishing Energies

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  2. Heike, I’m afraid the website jumbled your comment. I think beneath the jumble was the comment that this is still challenging to do. I agree. I find that I need to use it almost every week when I catch myself sending out either pity or blame as just a nervous habit. I love having this practice to keep me aware of my thought habits and my desire to add love and light rather than anger and frustration. Peace, Nancy


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