Sixth Chapter: The “AAH” of Me

In this sixth chapter, of what will eventually coalesce into the a book The Stories My Drum Told Me, we return to the Bön Chant and the wisdom of The Woman of the Open Sky.

While I use other characters in sharing images from my shamanic journeys, I seem to come back to the first person when I write of my experience with Bön Chant. I begin my mornings with this chant and find the vibration and the images they bring both intimate and universal.

In The “AAH” of Me, I share the feeling of spaciousness and open sharing of energy that come when I sing this syllable focusing on my physical form. It is wonderful to sense that I can stop “holding myself together,” and allow all of the space within me to also connect me with all of the life that surrounds me.

If you are intrigued by the images of this chapter, I hope that you will explore; Tenzin Wangyal and the 5 Warrior Seed Syllables practice. Through months of practicing this chant, I have come to expand the number of times I repeat each syllable. As I sing each tone, I let my mind focus on a specific image. This chapter introduces four of these: All that is Above, All that is Below, All that is All Around, and All that is Within. Future chapters will share my experiences when I focus on other aspects of the seen and unseen worlds.

You may want to revisit the first chapter: Earth Breathing at the Beginning of the Day where I first introduce The Women of the Open Sky and the tone “AAH.”

I hope that you enjoy The “AAH” of Me, and that it invites your to explore the use of vibration and chant to touch the mystery beyond ordinary reality.

Peace and Joy along your path,


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