Remain Moonlight

Bill and I have been working to stay clear of “news” from the outside world. But now and again one of us ventures out to a website that has seemed safe only to be plunged directly into the turmoil of our culture. Yesterday, Bill was checking ESPN for how the playoff games were going and there was a headline about the situation in the nation’s capitol. We each did enough checking to see that the situation was not nearly as bad as it might have been, and proceeded to make a few deeper commitments to our path.

This morning, I woke early and did a shamanic journey to seek wisdom from the Ancestors and Descendants in the unseen, timeless realms. It was a journey of deep support and calm.

First, I was shown that the Ancestors are constantly singing, dancing and doing ceremony for us in these critical times. They know that the Being of Humanity is in the midst of an initiation and transformation.

In many indigenous cultures a shaman is called or an individual moves to a new stage of their development through a deep crisis in their life. This is often a life-threatening illness or accident, or some other event that leads to the breaking apart of one’s ego structures to allow a new sacred self-understanding or deep soul purpose to emerge. Sandra Ingerman, one of my shamanic teachers in this tangible world, shares that when she was going through a particularly difficult crisis in her life she told one of her guides that she was not sure she was going to live through this. “If you thought you were going to live through it, it wouldn’t be an initiation,” was the response.

The Being of Humanity is going through this kind of spiritual, energetic, psychological, perceptual initiation. We feel it more keenly in the United States right now because of its visibility in our culture, but it is and has been happening for people all over the world. This fevered child (the Being of Humanity) will either die from this, or will wake to a new expression of sacred human being. Whatever your spiritual background and language, you probably feel this right now.

This is the message I received this morning:

Remain moonlight and starlight. Be the cooling, gentle light of the predawn sky or of the moon lightly veiled by clouds. Many will ignite penetrating beams and claim this gives them sight, but it only heats the body and deceives the mind.
Remain a gentle distant and consistent glow that is unchanged by the nearer landscape. There is no searchlight or laser beam that will cut through the illusions of the present fog of the human mind. It does not require penetrating insight to see a fearful and fevered soul.
Remain moonlight like the light of this morning’s moon at nine days past full. It will continue its constant cycle of emptying and then filling only to empty again because that is its nature in this planetary and cosmic dance. The light that it reflects and the shadow that moves across its surface do not shift its nature as ruler of water tides and expression of the continuing flow of change.
Remain true to your own nature. Your light and the light of all living beings are like the stars in the night sky. They are created of wisdom, love and faithfulness to your core purpose. They shine as reminders of these gifts upon a fevered and frightened humanity, and offer healing energy to all who welcome it.

When I had completed my journey, I went outside and stood under a dazzling cold clear morning sky. The moon shone gently and the stars of the Milky Way were visible as a shimmering ribbon of light in the background of the nearer constellations. Once again, I felt the sweep of Love, Light and Life of the Sacred Mystery.

Humanity is experiencing an initiation into a new way of being within the web of all life. We don’t yet know when or how that new way of being will be expressed. For now, as it unfolds, we are held in Sacred Love and the whole creation is singing songs of harmony and peace to our sleeping form.

May your inner light and deepest soul shine for all the world to see.


2 thoughts on “Remain Moonlight

  1. thank you Nancy for sharing this experience and what a journey i had reading it. “remail moonlight” a reminder to stay true to who and what i truly am…..glowing.


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