Fears at the Threshold

I am deeply grateful to be part of a monthly drumming circle led by Della Clark at Spiritwalker Retreats here in Mount Shasta. Led by Della’s drum, we journey into the Unseen World to find guidance on whatever question we want to explore to help us face the challenges of lives. When the drum leads us back into this tangible world, we share the images and messages we have received from our helping spirits. Often we find that there is an echo that moves among the messages which further feeds our understanding of how to live more fully from soul and heart.

I am at the threshold of a new expression of my soul’s work in the world. It is time for me to help others embrace and integrate their experiences with the Unseen mystery into their daily lives. I know that everything in my life has prepared me for this and that it is time to integrate and share what I have to offer. But I have been frozen here, uncertain about the descriptions, frameworks and practical elements needed to birth this into being.

In recent days, this process has led to a growing dread and fear. During last night’s drumming circle, I journeyed to find a way to work with these fears. Sharing it with the circle last night and with you now weaves it more fully into my daily experience.

As the drum beat carried me I went down through the floor of the ocean and into a deep cave. The walls had many crevasse like the open work of lava. I was aware of a presence of luminous light in the midst of the cave, but I was not sure where to find the fears I was looking for.

“Look in the corners and in the deepest crevasses,” I was told.

There, each huddled by itself, tiny arms through over heads to avoid being seen, were my fears. They were small and helpless creatures, cowering away from the light.

“Why are they hiding?” I asked.

The luminous one smiled gently and told me,

They are afraid of me. They believe that they will be revealed as unworthy. They are afraid that they will be met with judgment rather than with acceptance and love. Most of all they dread being seen as they are.

I thought for a moment, and then asked the luminous one if there was another form it could take.

The light swirled in the air and floated to the floor as lovely, soft, fragrant rose petals. They were white with pink edges and soft shades of yellow. Some remained suspended in the air carried on a gently spiraling current.

One after the other, the tiny creatures of fear came out of hiding. Soon they were all bouncing in the petals on the floor, flinging them up over their heads, letting them rain down all around them. A few lay on the ground and buried themselves in the sweetness of the scent. The fears closed their eyes and I watched the scent and color, vibration and joy of the petals move in and through their beings.

When they opened their eyes, each and every one of these tiny fear beings had transformed into a being of dancing light. They joined hands and moved in a circle dance, looking at and being seen by all and finding themselves cherished.

“Are you ready to go back up to the surface?” I asked.

All agreed and the rose petal spiral current strengthened and lifted us all up to the surface of the ocean. There we enjoyed floating in the sunshine, feeling the fresh breeze and the supporting water. Then we went to the beach to dance and play until the drum called me back to the room where my journey began. As I returned, all of these transformed fears nestled back within my being, taking their place among all the feelings and emotions of my life.

I know that these fears will sometimes separate out to grip and stir within me. But now I know where to go and look for them. I have a hint about how to free them from their belief that they are separate from the rest of life and must stay hidden.

As I wrote about this journey, I told these little ones again that I will not leave them alone. I will always come to find them and bring them back home within me because we share this amazing world of solid being.

I do not know what is unfolding in my life’s work. I have hints and ideas about what it means to stand on the shore of the Unseen Mystery and add my voice to invite people to discover this feeling of being deeply interwoven with all of life. It is my hope that within the next few weeks you will find a new website with invitations to join me in answering the call of the Source. It has been calling every one of us since before we were born. It is beckoning us into our way of living for the highest well being of all within the web of life.

I will keep you posted.

Peace and Joy,

Seeds of Healing and Restoration

I saw a gorgeous hawk sitting on the fence post as I walked over to the motor home last Saturday morning. He was perched in perfect profile and only flew when he heard the sound of my gasp of delight. His wings stretched to show their beautiful white on black pattern and he soon disappeared through the trees.

What follows was Hawk’s message that came partly in my shamanic journey and partly as I wrote this piece.

In the journey, Hawk asked me to ride on his back so he could share a higher perspective with me. We soared up through the clouds and took a stationary position high above the Earth. This gave me the view of the entire globe with the soft flow of land into water and water into land. He hovered there and let me breathe in the unity and balance of the scene below.

Tiny seed-like droplets of shimmering light began to fall past us, showering down all over the Earth. “These are sister and brother seeds,” Hawk told me.

Each one has an exact mate within a human being. These are seeds of healing and restoration that are now pouring down to touch and strengthen the love, joy, and harmony which each person carries within. Some people have been so deeply wounded that they no longer know that these qualities exist within them. The seeds you see falling will move to their core and bring both remembering and healing of the wounds that have festered for centuries and generations.

Look first within yourself to see where your seed droplet comes to rest. It may ignite your life force energy reminding you of your inner strength and freedom to live your life fully. It may rest in your mind to release all of the thought patterns that hinder your well-being. It may open your heart to understand your deepest wounds and how to embrace them with love and care. It may ignite joy and laughter within you so that you feel like a fresh fountain bubbling with delight for all life holds.

Your inner healing and renewal does not take place in isolation, because all of Humanity is interwoven as cells within the same body. As the seeds of love, joy and harmony begin to emerge from the soil of your being, they will enliven all around you. Once you can look gently at your own pain, sorrow, anger, and regret, you will be able to see how others are also suffering in these ways. When you drop the illusion of how different you are from one another, your unity with all of humanity will become apparent. As you tend this new understanding, all of you will blossom and flourish.

You are not alone in tending the highest qualities within the human family. All of creation is here to water your joy and nourish your inner light. The vibrant and fully expressed life of any being within the Web of Life enlivens all. Breathing in, you receive the loving embrace of all living beings and breathing out, you celebrate the wonder of all the lives around you.

May these words and images water the seeds of love, joy, harmony and vibrant life within you as they have within me.


The Resonance Field of Life

In recent weeks I have been captivated by all of the ideas, images and words that have come into my life as echoes and additions to what I receive in my shamanic journeys. I receive an image or message and within days other people share things that add to it and help me in the process of bringing what I have received into tangible form. This resonance knits our lives together to form the supportive structure that all of us need.

When Kathleen shared within the drumming circle of her journey to Grandmother Spider, this guide gave the advice to not worry about trying to build life in a linear fashion. It does not help to concentrate on one strand and ask it to hold all of our forward movement. Instead, we are to remember that each bit of energy, light, insight, or sound that sparks anywhere within the web enlivens and strengthens the whole thing. She spoke of a resonance field which fuels intuition and which is enhanced by joy and love.

During the same drumming circle, I experienced Humanity as the collective of all of us as cells in one being. We were each lit with our own inner beauty and wisdom. The whole Being of Humanity shimmered with light, love and possibility. Then as I watched, there were sympathetic vibrations within the Web of Life surrounding this Being of Humanity. As light, color and sound waves danced through the creation around us the outline between humankind and all of life faded. Every pulse of energy that was initiated anywhere in the Web of Life was felt as gift to every other part of the web.

A few days later,  I read an article about the shattering of the collective consciousness of humankind. Our shared cultural and societal assumptions about who we are as individuals and as a human species cannot carry us through this current evolutionary transition. They are breaking apart to allow new perceptions and a new understanding of our interconnection to emerge. What if the resonance field of the Web of Life is now beginning to provide new connective tissue to knit Humanity into unity with all living beings?

Within the week there was one more piece dropped in by my friend Karla, who has practiced Buddhism for decades. We were dialoguing about how to work with the strands of Karma which move through our lives. She taught me that I do not need to know the cause or even if the Karma is something from my own history. Facing the feeling, sensation, energy of it head on, feeling it in my body and letting it pass on through is how it is cleansed. Doing this work benefits not only me, but all living beings everywhere.

The way I am putting these pieces together leads me to great hope. I had been looking for a cumulative awakening of individual people until we reached the critical tipping point within the collective consciousness. Now, it feels like the whole creation is working together to transform the most fundamental connections among all living beings. Humanity, far from being outside and separate from the Web of Life, is part of a resonance field which is rewriting human consciousness along with every pulse of light, love and creative vibration throughout the cosmos.

I continue to use my chant from the Tibetan Bön tradition to do my own inner work.  As I encounter fears, angers, frustrations, mental barriers to feeling whole and united with all of life, I use this form of vibration and visualization to of clear them. As the vibration of the chant clears the clouds of mental chatter and the physical sensations they cause in my body,  I experience the peace of a wide open sky. I do not try to create the feelings or ideas, but work with what I am experiencing in that moment. As I do this, I am adding my experience of relief and openness back into the resonance field of all people everywhere. As I clear blockages from my own being, a spark of light is released into the whole web.

I am still in the process of seeing how all of these hints and ideas fit together. This is an amazing and complex web of being. If this sparks images and ideas for you, I hope that you will share them in the comments section. Each one of us carries strands of the web that weave together to bring wholeness to our world.

Peace along your path,


Finger Painting with the Flow

I had a dream that seemed to last all night. I was in a classroom and there was something being taught that was both unfamiliar and intriguing. I felt the intensity of my attention and the resonance within me that this was both important and true. Yet, when I moved from sleep to waking, the only thing I could remember was a comment made in the hallway outside the classroom, “This is how we touch form within formlessness.”

Who wouldn’t want to go back and find out more.

I had the chance in a shamanic drumming circle where there was someone else playing the drum beat for me. It allowed me to sink fully back into the unseen world where I asked if there was a way to return to the classroom of my dream. I was immediately taken to a huge hall of marble, with alcoves lining either side. It reminded me of the Hall of Kings from Tolkien or a grand cathedral from medieval times. I walked past scientific labs and rooms filled with telescopes; places where languages of many varieties were flowing over one another; and past botanical gardens.

In a short time, we arrived at a closed door which opened before us and I saw the long table, surrounded by eager learners that had featured in my dream. The teacher beckoned me in and I took up a position across from him. “You want to remember the class from your dream,” he said, looking into my eyes. “That is easy, we were finger painting in the air with vibration, to get a feel for the flow of Life.”

At that moment, a swirl of rich green color moved into the space between us, and one after another of the people around me began to reach their fingertips toward it. There was no sense that they were trying to make the color shift in hue or to move it in space. Instead, each one caressed it like you would a satin ribbon, letting it move and shift between their fingertips. Sometimes there were many hands touching it, and at other times all would draw back and allow one individual to reach out with an open hand to let their fingertips rest on its surface. In those moments, their hand moved as through they were conducting a silent symphony.

As I watched, several other color swirls also entered the space and were interlaced with the first. A vivid royal blue and a deep rich maroon joined the play. As sensing fingers encountered them they would remain for a moment unmoved and unchanged, continuing on their way as though nothing was happening. Then, a shift would occur and their color and shape would shift. This was often the signal for that person to remove their hands from the area.

The teacher reminded me that in the night I had heard a train whistle and saw a blue velvet light flowing around the hillsides and sweeping around my bedroom. It had been a beautiful experience of seeing the sound and knowing that this vibration was carried in midnight blue.

The colors you see here are not sound waves, but the currents in the flow of Life. What we are trying to learn is how to feel this flow and move with it. We are not creating this flow and it is not coming through us. Its source is The Source and we are reaching out with our core being, our soul, to experience its resonance within us. We use our fingertips to focus our attention. We learn this way because we can pick up both the physical sensation of Life’s flow and see when we are seeking to change it.

He then invited me to extend my hand and touch one of the swirling forms of color. My finger moved through neutral air until they connected with the original green swirl. It was warm and thick, and there was an almost rubbery resistance to the pressure of my finger. Then suddenly it swerved away from my hand.

You are touching it with your physical body and your sense of touch. These place a buffer of space between you and the flow. Your mind comes between you and it, and creates a sense of separation or a desire to control. Prepare yourself through song and see what your experience becomes when it is your own being of light that is reaching out.

I stepped back from the table, and turned my back to the others. I sang one of the songs I use to prepare for shamanic journey and moved into the awareness of the light of my inner being. I sensed my whole body filled and nourished by the Source of all Light. This always helps me remember all of who I am; that at my core I am light and spirit.

Feeling more like a star than a human being, I turned back toward the table and extending my hand into the space of dancing color. The color patches did not change their form or direction as my fingers encountered them. Instead, I felt my hand invited to float on the current of the flow of vibration. It made almost hula-like wave movements, lifted and carried by the thick finger paint-like current of life. I was not seeking to influence it, but was allowing it to carry my hand wherever it might go. One color would lift and then withdraw, only to have another move in from some other direction to carry my hand through this dance.

The teacher spoke gently, so as not to break my focus.

This is how we learn to sense the flow of Life. You will sense it on many levels and through many senses. It is color and music, rhythm and cadence, sunlight and shadow, sandpaper and silk, scent of flowers and taste of salt. Finger painting with it allows you to be playful and to notice when you are letting it move you and when you are trying to move it.

The return beat of the drum told me it was time to return to the tangible world. I thanked the teacher and all the others involved in this classroom. As I was stepping out the door, the teacher called after me, “You are not very strong with your sense of smell, but you might want to listen to what flavors you long for. It is just another way of experimenting.” I smiled and turned to walk back through this magnificent hall and back into the room in my home where I was journeying from.

(Part of this did come within the time of the shamanic journey with my drumming circle in February. The rest has been a gift from my helping spirits and guides from the unseen world as I typed this morning. I sense that there is more about the play of finger painting with vibration, in which our own energy/vibration dances with that of all creation. I will let you know how that unfolds.)

Millions of Possibilities

In a dream the other night, I was sitting working a complicated jigsaw puzzle. My brow was furrowed in concentration and my belly was tight with frustration. I kept picking up the same three pieces, trying them and finding that they did not fit. I was beginning to think about getting the scissors and just making them fit when I heard very clearly, “Let go and open up.”

The words seemed to send a wave of relaxation throughout my mind and body. A huge spiral column of vivid green light began to rotate slowly through the whole room. Its movement was not effected by my presence or by any of the tangible items in the room. It did not change color, intensity or form, simply flowing through us as if we had no solid form. I was fascinated.

When it reached the level of the floor, it revealed a woven carpet made of energy thread. At each crossing of thread, color and light glistened revealing images and patterns beyond imagining. I recognized it as an expression of the Web of Life. The spiral of green light seemed to help draw my focus to first one point and then another in a playful dance.

“There are not three options, but millions,” I was told. “Your mind is very tight and your fear closes down your vision. You no longer need to live in that frustrating way. Open to the giving and receiving throughout the whole Web of Life. Sacred reciprocity guides the flow of limitless love, light and creativity as it moves from one form to another in an effortless progression. Learn to open to this flow.”

How much energy have I wasted in my life trying to get pieces to fit in the way that I think they should? Guided by my conditioned assumptions and projections, I go to the three or four most familiar options and get frustrated and angry when they will not provide what I want or need. My dream made me feel like a little girl, hands on hips, scowling at the unfair ways of the world, while standing knee-deep in a field of wildflowers.

I think the dream had its roots in reading about and practicing The Five Seed Syllables of Tibetan Sound Healing as it is taught by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, a master in the Bön Buddhist tradition. For the past week I have been focusing on the first tone, “A” (which sounds like “Ahhh”). With this tone I focus on an area in my head which is directly down from the crown and inward from the middle of my forehead, a little above eye level. As this vibration fills me on each exhalation, I bring to mind “opening” and envision a broad clear sky.

When the five to ten minutes of toning is over, I feel entirely different from when I began. Where there had been a feeling of grasping tension, there is now a relaxed openness. I can feel the muscles of my chest and belly relax and the wrinkles in my forehead smooth. My inner vision is now ready to see the million possibilities that surround me when I allow my mind to open to like a bright blue sky.

Peace along your path,


(You can find a nice introduction to Five Syllables of Tibetan Sound Healing and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in his presentation on “Tapping into the Source of Creativity” on YouTube : https://youtu.be/PXlFM8Aw8dU).

Burning Through to Unity

My recent inner work has focused on burning away the most basic assumptions, projections and illusions in my life, those things which block the flow of creativity, love and joy. I have been using Qi Gong practices that strengthen the inner fire of life energy in my belly to help provide me with strength, clarity and a deep sense of who I am beyond my mental frameworks and behavior habits. As my inner physical energy builds and moves throughout my body, I experience a growing confidence. I feel a stable core within myself that offers both flexibility and resilience.

I often do shamanic journey to the Unseen World to enter a great bonfire, and invite it to burn away all of my personality, ego, and separation. As I moved into it during a recent journey, the process did not end in the usual way. I dropped even the image of myself as a being of light and I found myself tracing the history of the elements of which my body is made. The molecules and atoms that have stored my personal memories, also remember their existence within drops of rainwater and moving through the bodies of other creatures. They remember being stone and stardust, oxygen and iron, tree fiber and wing feather, photons and magnetic waves.

I do not have to slowly untangle the fire of my being from the limited experiences of this lifetime stored in tissue and cell. I can focus instead on the memory of being part of all that has been from the beginning of beginningless time. This broader, unified reality also exists within my physical form.

In my journey, I was invited to reverse the process so that I was again aware of my core being of light and the fire of my life energy. I was told to look here for the truth of who I am in the world at this time, and to find direction for my focus, thoughts, words and actions. I alone am responsible for this vital life force within me and can choose how I stoke this fire and direct its creative force.

I suddenly become aware of the entire Web of Life — all expressions of life in this cosmos. Each was shining with its own inner light and life force. Connecting all of this is the light and energy of the Sacred One that surrounds and fills us all. Aware of the light shimmering and twinkling throughout this web, I felt the light of my own being enlivened with both joy and purpose. Each of us is called to live our life’s fire and energy to the fullest expression of who we are. Each is unique, precious and vital to the whole.

As I came out of the journey, and back into the tangible world, I felt calm and fluid. All living beings are gifts to spark my memory and connection with my inner being of light. They remind me who I have always been. My heart opens with the desire to live in such a way that my inner fire fuels the most rich and complete expression of my being. In this way, I recognize and honor the broader harmonious reality. The light of my core sparkles throughout the Web of Life and my inner fire adds to the clarity and power of the whole creation.

Peace along your path,

Humanity’s Sacred Light

I have been spending a great deal of time in gratitude and light for friends and family. I am learning that instead of seeing them in need and me somehow sending something to them which they lack, I see them in their glory, inner strength and innate wisdom. The sacred wholeness in them shines and touches the same sacred wholeness within me. I often feel like we are enfolded together in an affirmation of life.

As I went into my shamanic journey this morning, my helping spirits pointed out that I am not treating the Being of Humanity with the same honor, respect and faith that I extend to my friends. I have been thinking of and writing about the Being of Humanity as a fevered and fearful child. I have been feeding the inner assumption that the unity of humanity and creation is broken. I have been arrogant in taking the “caring mother” view and working from the illusion that there is something wrong with my species and with the flow of planetary shifts and changes.

My guides in the unseen world invited me to hold the Being of Humanity with respect and honor, unconditional love and light. From this perspective what we are currently experiencing is the newest step in our human evolutionary process. Our species carries within it all we need for this transformation, even as it carried the potential to walk on two legs, and to learn how to use fire. We have been working our way toward this growth crisis for hundreds if not thousands of years. Every living being who has shared in the life of this planet has played a part in creating what is unfolding now.

We have finally come to the place where we cannot be fooled into thinking that the micro shifts and adjustments of our intellect will allow us to regain control and dominance of a failing mechanistic world view. Our illusions are being shattered and our thought patterns are being rewritten. The pressure is building to provide the needed energy to propel us from this cliff into a new understanding of our place within creation.

Humanity is not alone in all of this. We are part of the interwoven unity of the Web of Life. All of the beings of nature and the elements of which we are all formed are with us as we move through these shifts and changes. I am grateful for every living being who is on the Earth right now, and I greet all that is coming into form every day. Each one of us carries our own unique gifts and energy to contribute to this Web of Life as we are lifted and carried along our path.

It all comes back to the words from Paul McCartney’s song, Blackbird, “All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.” That is the light in which I hold all of us today. And as I do, I feel the light of our sacred being shining bright.

Let the Energy Dance You

“Dance, sing, move, drum and let joy bubble within you.” This is the message I have been receiving in my recent journeys into the unseen world. I am led to a field where there is a celebration gathering around a bonfire and all are exuberant in their welcome of the flow of life they feel. There are waves of love, light, wisdom and transformative energy sprinkling down like gentle rain, pouring out like a waterfall and drifting gently down all around us like fluffy snow flakes.

When I try to move into this sacred circle with my fears or agendas about healing the world, I am invited to step into the bonfire and let all of that burn away. It is my inner being of light that can join in here. This is a place to express my essential nature and to remember that billions of people around the world are doing the same thing every day through their own rituals and sacred devotions.

This morning, I was greeted by four-legged animal emissaries. There were large wild cats and bears, deer and gazelle, rabbit and lizard all moving around the fire dancing. I was invited to join them and was soon in elephant form to experience the movement of energy through that amazing structure.

I was told that the energies of the universe are familiar to all of the living beings of this world and that the animals in all their forms dance with them. “Humans think that this is all for them and that they need to figure out how to make use of it,” they said. “But we have danced to the energies for the blessing of Gaia from the moment we appeared within this Mother Being. There is no thinking, only experiencing. This is a physical sensations for us. More life energy floods us and celebrating is the way to feed it throughout the web of life and deep into the heart of our Mother.”

The circle continued to expand and I recognized that now there were winged ones and swimmers and all other forms of what we call “animal life” joining in. There was a powerful swirling of the energy that seemed to pull and gather all living beings into this dance of Life.

Near the end of the journey, this swirling energy began gathering human beings into this circle to join the animals, birds, fish, trees, mountains and all of the other forms of nature. We were all there together and the spiral was gathering more humans with every second. All were being swept up in this rush of vibrant energy to celebrate Gaia together and to feel the glory of our tangible forms.

We are not alone in these days that feel so dark and heavy. We are invited to learn from all of the nature beings around us how to sink from head to heart, and open to all of the grace pouring into us right now. It is not for us to think of how to put it to good use. Instead we are invited to find our place in this luscious flow of life and let it move us and pour gently on through us. In this way, we find our place within this pulsing, dancing web of life that nourishes and enlivens all of living beings on this wondrous planet.

Take time to sing, swirl, play, laugh, chant, pray, and delight in being you. Let the beings of nature lead you in your very own joyful dance of life.


Remain Moonlight

Bill and I have been working to stay clear of “news” from the outside world. But now and again one of us ventures out to a website that has seemed safe only to be plunged directly into the turmoil of our culture. Yesterday, Bill was checking ESPN for how the playoff games were going and there was a headline about the situation in the nation’s capitol. We each did enough checking to see that the situation was not nearly as bad as it might have been, and proceeded to make a few deeper commitments to our path.

This morning, I woke early and did a shamanic journey to seek wisdom from the Ancestors and Descendants in the unseen, timeless realms. It was a journey of deep support and calm.

First, I was shown that the Ancestors are constantly singing, dancing and doing ceremony for us in these critical times. They know that the Being of Humanity is in the midst of an initiation and transformation.

In many indigenous cultures a shaman is called or an individual moves to a new stage of their development through a deep crisis in their life. This is often a life-threatening illness or accident, or some other event that leads to the breaking apart of one’s ego structures to allow a new sacred self-understanding or deep soul purpose to emerge. Sandra Ingerman, one of my shamanic teachers in this tangible world, shares that when she was going through a particularly difficult crisis in her life she told one of her guides that she was not sure she was going to live through this. “If you thought you were going to live through it, it wouldn’t be an initiation,” was the response.

The Being of Humanity is going through this kind of spiritual, energetic, psychological, perceptual initiation. We feel it more keenly in the United States right now because of its visibility in our culture, but it is and has been happening for people all over the world. This fevered child (the Being of Humanity) will either die from this, or will wake to a new expression of sacred human being. Whatever your spiritual background and language, you probably feel this right now.

This is the message I received this morning:

Remain moonlight and starlight. Be the cooling, gentle light of the predawn sky or of the moon lightly veiled by clouds. Many will ignite penetrating beams and claim this gives them sight, but it only heats the body and deceives the mind.
Remain a gentle distant and consistent glow that is unchanged by the nearer landscape. There is no searchlight or laser beam that will cut through the illusions of the present fog of the human mind. It does not require penetrating insight to see a fearful and fevered soul.
Remain moonlight like the light of this morning’s moon at nine days past full. It will continue its constant cycle of emptying and then filling only to empty again because that is its nature in this planetary and cosmic dance. The light that it reflects and the shadow that moves across its surface do not shift its nature as ruler of water tides and expression of the continuing flow of change.
Remain true to your own nature. Your light and the light of all living beings are like the stars in the night sky. They are created of wisdom, love and faithfulness to your core purpose. They shine as reminders of these gifts upon a fevered and frightened humanity, and offer healing energy to all who welcome it.

When I had completed my journey, I went outside and stood under a dazzling cold clear morning sky. The moon shone gently and the stars of the Milky Way were visible as a shimmering ribbon of light in the background of the nearer constellations. Once again, I felt the sweep of Love, Light and Life of the Sacred Mystery.

Humanity is experiencing an initiation into a new way of being within the web of all life. We don’t yet know when or how that new way of being will be expressed. For now, as it unfolds, we are held in Sacred Love and the whole creation is singing songs of harmony and peace to our sleeping form.

May your inner light and deepest soul shine for all the world to see.


Non-Independence and Circle Discernment

In my shamanic journey practice I move through portals into the Unseen World to seek the timeless and ego-less wisdom of that realm. The creatures, teachers and guides who I meet there are helping spirits, who each take on a form to aid me in our relationship. But I must never forget that they are also expressions of my innermost being, for all is one throughout time and space.

As I begin this new year, I am feeling the invitation to write as though each message is a love letter to our beloved Descendants. I’m not quite sure what that means, but part of it is that I write from my “right mind.” All that I write from clarity and compassion, tenderness and connection will ripple into the future as grace and peace. It does not matter if anyone ever reads these words. That they take tangible form on this computer as I type is enough. They set up the resonance around which something will coalesce in whatever way it is intended to, for whatever generation it may serve.

So, here it goes.

I was part of the our local drumming circle last night we were invited to set our intention to journey to our Beloved Descendants. For me, this is not a tangible linage, but those yet to be born who are somehow touched by my life and how I live it.

In the journey, I went through a particular portal which I sense here on our property. I move through it when I want to be in the company of the Helping Ancestors and Beloved Descendants as archetypal wisdom keepers.

At first, I was uncertain if I had even made it through the veil between Seen and Unseen worlds. It is tricky for me, when I do a Middle World journey in a landscape where I walk every day, to know if I have made that transition. For a while, the images of those waiting there remained very vague, and I worried that the words coming into my mind were simply those I have been considering over the past week. It is easy to anticipate what the Ancestors and Descendants will say — or to know that they are always dropping in ideas as I contemplate new ways of perceiving the world.

I was told to drum for myself and to break away from following the beat of the circle leader. As I did that, there was a shift from “keeping track of the beat,” to letting its energy move me. I am finding that a more driving beat sometimes helps me break through my mulling mind and open to what is beyond.

Finally, near the end of the journey time, I received several words/phrases:

Non-duality, Non-independence, and Circle Discernment

Non-duality has been a strong theme for me for months now. I have been spending sacred time envisioning healing moonlight moving into and through the Being of Humanity to restore health and balance. In all of these journeys there is the theme that to see humankind in dualistic terms continues the disintegration and breaking apart of the unity of our culture, community and world. To see all of humanity through the eyes of compassion as the “Being of Humanity” which is suffering like a fevered child, sets my heart and mind in the right framework to be part of the healing and transformation of my species.

Non-independence resonated with our drumming circle leader. She knows it from Buddhist teaching as a way of speaking about the way in which all things are dependent on one another. She spoke of a non-independent arising that I will need to read more about.

This is not encouragement to become dependent or co-dependent in our relationships. This is a much deeper, element level truth. We are all made of the same basic elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water through the Sacred Mystery which gives us all life and form. We exchange these elements with all the tangible expressions of creation – soil, food, body, breath, flow of fluids, energy of life. In addition there is the Spirit or connection of individual life force energy with All Energy or Chi. We are not isolated, skin enclosed physical beings. Life and energy course through and among us, within a container of air, spirit, the vast diversity of the cosmos and timeless reality.

Circle Discernment seemed in part to be a way of checking my own mental patterns. If I sense that I am receiving a message from the Unseen, I need to listen and see if it is echoed in some way by others who are sharing in this spiritual journey practice. This may be my near circle, or it may be through synchronicity in something I read or hear in the coming days. Messages are not individual and the echoes are sent not to relieve me of my calling to share what I see, sense and experience, but to feel some ground coming up to meet my feet when I do.

I will end here for today. Wishing all a Light-filled, Love enriched New Year.
Peace along your path,

(I invite you as part of this circle, this community, to share your reflections and comments. If something I write resonates with you and leads to a “next image” within you, please consider sharing it in the comments section.)