Tell Us What You Do

“Tell us what you do,” is a common request as people meet one another for the first time. I heard it this past weekend as I took an online workshop. I had a few minutes to consider my response and made an important discovery when the words came out of my mouth.

“At this point in my life, I am focusing on living a shamanic life.” It was a simple, clear statement and I felt no pressure to explain it. As I write it again now, it rings true.

For much of my life I have tried to be in service to others by sharing spiritual insights and guidance. It has often led me to learn a new practice or have a new insight, only to pass it along to others as soon as possible. It has not seemed enough to be living my soul’s path, I have added the inner demand that I also find the words to share it. Most times this fails, because I am trying to use words to describe something  thoughts and concepts.

The benefit is that it has kept me connected with people who are doing similar explorations about how to live with freedom, joy, and love. The exchange of ideas and suggestions is one of the ways I receive nudges about what may be next along my personal path. The down side is that I often forget how unique we each are and that the wisdom that comes to each of us through direct revelation is the most precious and powerful.

In these past few months, I have remained more inward, seeking to explore and practice with vibration, tone and releasing the illusion of separation. The other day, I was listening to a wise woman, Monica Gagliano, describe our shared spiritual path. She spoke of going through a time when we reclaim the understanding that everything around us is alive and that all of these other beings have messages for us. We talk about our animal guides telling us this and the trees showing us that, developing rich relationships with all of these wonderful life expressions. “Then, we realize that there never was an Other,” she said with a smile, and lightening raced up my spine. That’s what I am looking for, longing for, and imagining is somewhere other than here in my life now.

I have been busy looking for the doorway into the unity of all of life. I have used my meditations to see the love that connects all of humanity, all energy and elements of the cosmos, all of the evolutionary unfolding of humankind with the soul and consciousness of Gaia/Creation/Source. But as soon as I use words, I have separated myself again from the union. There is no doorway because there is no wall. It is only my mind that has created a distinction between the Seen world of tangible expression and the Unseen world beyond all duality and separation.

I can sometimes feel it here in my chest or my belly or the space behind the middle of my forehead. There is that sweet sensation of just energy, light and vibration playing in and around and through the combinations of matter and space. But even as I have the thought, I am naming and making distinctions and trying to capture this so I can describe it to others. I want to invite everyone to this sweet spot, and in that longing, I begin to look again for a doorway that I can point to as the “way in.”

In these weeks, I am exploring vibration without attached meanings, and tones without words or images. I am learning from Jill Purce about Mongolian Overtone Chant which helps us to tune our being with the field of natural vibration as we listen. She tells us, “It is more important to hear the sound you are making than to make the sound you are hearing.”

I cannot explain what I am experiencing nor do I want to try to relay Jill’s insights. I will let this be a mini nudge to you and let you follow it if it is yours to explore. There are so many ways that our human family has discovered to leave the illusion of separation and dwell in a clear knowing that time, space and a self standing separate in creation are all figments of our imagination. The Mystery is so much deeper, richer and uncontrollable than my mind wants to let me entertain.

So, I return to where I began. I will write as the words flow and share when I feel I will burst if I don’t try to put language around the life and light that I experience. But I cannot tell you when that will be, or promise that it will sound reasonable or clear. It will be something I feel is deeply true for me, and may also be true for others. When and how these will appear, I don’t know. I can only return to the answer to what I am doing now, “I am living a shamanic life.”

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