Beacon/Beckoning Circle

Approaching 2022, the word that ripples through me is “imperative.” It has an energy that propels me forward, insisting that I not hide behind excuses or wait to find the perfect form for my work before I share it.

The time has come in this evolutionary cycle of our species to share my highest and best offerings for the healing and transformation of humankind. I cannot wait for things to quiet down or the whole picture to come into focus. I must take my place in the Beacon/Beckoning Circle and allow whatever wants to be expressed through me to take tangible form.

The Beacon/Beckoning Circle is an image from a shamanic journey on Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, 2021.  I had receive it a few weeks before, but within the drumming circle ceremony, it took on a more vivid form.

My notes after the journey:

We are standing in a circle facing outward. All of our drums and rattles, bells and flutes, voices and instruments are helping to tune the Being of Humanity; to raise the vibration of all. This is part of the evolutionary unfolding of humankind in harmony with Gaia.
My guide tells me,
You are standing shoulder to shoulder, each a bearer of what your degrees of arch from this circle are pouring through from the Cosmic Soul. All are vibrant and all are equal. The streams of light from you overlap, echo those around you, amplify each others gifts, and add the unique quality of sacred energy flowing through your individual expression of life.

As you continue this harmony, this way of uniting your energies and openness to sacred flow, each of your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters will find their place among you. All will come to stand shoulder to shoulder, your light shining outward through all the Web of Life.

I have not been writing this past few months because I have been learning from a wide range of paths and practices about how to connect with the Unseen World. I had been hoping that some synthesis would emerge, but now I see that each is a portal or window into deeper reality and wisdom. I have been learning the value of each, not so I can somehow weave them together in my life practice, but so I can see that there are pathways of access to the Unseen Mystery, the True Reality for everyone.

I don’t know what I will share with you or in what order. I do commit myself to sharing whatever wants to be expressed on a regular basis. I will shine my own arch of light outward and hope that it will resonate with something within you to strengthen and encourage the way you share your light.

I love the thought of all of us standing shoulder to shoulder as we each find our way to respond to the imperative to nourish wholeness, unity and harmony throughout all of the life of Earth.

Peace and Joy for the coming year,


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