My Beginning Point

As I invite people into an exploration of how to live from a deeper reality, it is best to share my own basic beliefs and perspective. In this video I describe my beginning point in connection with the Sacred Source and the each living soul as an expression of this source.

There is great need for both personal and planetary transformation, and I trust that the first lends its energy to the second. Every time an individual takes a step forward in honoring their own soul and the divine nature of all of life, they nourish the collective spirit of humankind.

I will continue this series of blogs describing my experience of the deeper reality of life and inviting you to join me in living from this empowered perspective.

For more information on my upcoming class “Living from a Deeper Reality,” please use the highlighted name as a link, or contact me. (Please note: The time of these class sessions has been changed to 10:00 – 11:30am PST on Wednesdays to make it available to people in other parts of the world.)

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