Burning Through to Unity

My recent inner work has focused on burning away the most basic assumptions, projections and illusions in my life, those things which block the flow of creativity, love and joy. I have been using Qi Gong practices that strengthen the inner fire of life energy in my belly to help provide me with strength, clarity and a deep sense of who I am beyond my mental frameworks and behavior habits. As my inner physical energy builds and moves throughout my body, I experience a growing confidence. I feel a stable core within myself that offers both flexibility and resilience.

I often do shamanic journey to the Unseen World to enter a great bonfire, and invite it to burn away all of my personality, ego, and separation. As I moved into it during a recent journey, the process did not end in the usual way. I dropped even the image of myself as a being of light and I found myself tracing the history of the elements of which my body is made. The molecules and atoms that have stored my personal memories, also remember their existence within drops of rainwater and moving through the bodies of other creatures. They remember being stone and stardust, oxygen and iron, tree fiber and wing feather, photons and magnetic waves.

I do not have to slowly untangle the fire of my being from the limited experiences of this lifetime stored in tissue and cell. I can focus instead on the memory of being part of all that has been from the beginning of beginningless time. This broader, unified reality also exists within my physical form.

In my journey, I was invited to reverse the process so that I was again aware of my core being of light and the fire of my life energy. I was told to look here for the truth of who I am in the world at this time, and to find direction for my focus, thoughts, words and actions. I alone am responsible for this vital life force within me and can choose how I stoke this fire and direct its creative force.

I suddenly become aware of the entire Web of Life โ€” all expressions of life in this cosmos. Each was shining with its own inner light and life force. Connecting all of this is the light and energy of the Sacred One that surrounds and fills us all. Aware of the light shimmering and twinkling throughout this web, I felt the light of my own being enlivened with both joy and purpose. Each of us is called to live our lifeโ€™s fire and energy to the fullest expression of who we are. Each is unique, precious and vital to the whole.

As I came out of the journey, and back into the tangible world, I felt calm and fluid. All living beings are gifts to spark my memory and connection with my inner being of light. They remind me who I have always been. My heart opens with the desire to live in such a way that my inner fire fuels the most rich and complete expression of my being. In this way, I recognize and honor the broader harmonious reality. The light of my core sparkles throughout the Web of Life and my inner fire adds to the clarity and power of the whole creation.

Peace along your path,

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