Millions of Possibilities

In a dream the other night, I was sitting working a complicated jigsaw puzzle. My brow was furrowed in concentration and my belly was tight with frustration. I kept picking up the same three pieces, trying them and finding that they did not fit. I was beginning to think about getting the scissors and just making them fit when I heard very clearly, “Let go and open up.”

The words seemed to send a wave of relaxation throughout my mind and body. A huge spiral column of vivid green light began to rotate slowly through the whole room. Its movement was not effected by my presence or by any of the tangible items in the room. It did not change color, intensity or form, simply flowing through us as if we had no solid form. I was fascinated.

When it reached the level of the floor, it revealed a woven carpet made of energy thread. At each crossing of thread, color and light glistened revealing images and patterns beyond imagining. I recognized it as an expression of the Web of Life. The spiral of green light seemed to help draw my focus to first one point and then another in a playful dance.

“There are not three options, but millions,” I was told. “Your mind is very tight and your fear closes down your vision. You no longer need to live in that frustrating way. Open to the giving and receiving throughout the whole Web of Life. Sacred reciprocity guides the flow of limitless love, light and creativity as it moves from one form to another in an effortless progression. Learn to open to this flow.”

How much energy have I wasted in my life trying to get pieces to fit in the way that I think they should? Guided by my conditioned assumptions and projections, I go to the three or four most familiar options and get frustrated and angry when they will not provide what I want or need. My dream made me feel like a little girl, hands on hips, scowling at the unfair ways of the world, while standing knee-deep in a field of wildflowers.

I think the dream had its roots in reading about and practicing The Five Seed Syllables of Tibetan Sound Healing as it is taught by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, a master in the Bön Buddhist tradition. For the past week I have been focusing on the first tone, “A” (which sounds like “Ahhh”). With this tone I focus on an area in my head which is directly down from the crown and inward from the middle of my forehead, a little above eye level. As this vibration fills me on each exhalation, I bring to mind “opening” and envision a broad clear sky.

When the five to ten minutes of toning is over, I feel entirely different from when I began. Where there had been a feeling of grasping tension, there is now a relaxed openness. I can feel the muscles of my chest and belly relax and the wrinkles in my forehead smooth. My inner vision is now ready to see the million possibilities that surround me when I allow my mind to open to like a bright blue sky.

Peace along your path,


(You can find a nice introduction to Five Syllables of Tibetan Sound Healing and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in his presentation on “Tapping into the Source of Creativity” on YouTube :

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