What Can I Do?

This Spring Equinox, I met with my Drumming Circle group to do shamanic journey work to the sound of the drum. It is always a powerful experience when we join together to seek wisdom from the Unseen World. Today, it rocked me back.

I journeyed on the question, “What can I do in response to current world events?”

Answer:  Extend you practice of Ho’oponopono, (of seeking forgiveness, taking full responsibility for your projections and illusions, and giving forgiveness) to the People of Japan and to the experience of the dropping of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The current world situation offers the opportunity to bring this dreadful wounding of the psyche of my country and of the Being of Humanity into the light and grace. It opens the way to healing the divisions we see among us, so we can return to the truth that all Humanity is one life.

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